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Why do u call it NEXTGEN Soccer Training?

We developed a unique and innovative way to train and evolve player’s Spread Vision, Reflexes, Ball Reaction Times and High-Speed Vision among other features. Soccer has been evolving rapidly and now Competitive and PRO players are required to perform good decisions and have precision in milliseconds to be on the first team. We are the TRAINING SOLUTION to that micro sec requirements.

What do u need to do to increase Spread Vision to soccer players?

It is almost impossible to move to the next level if you are not confident with Dynamic Ball Control. This limitation will compromise the ability to “Read The Game” because the Spread Vision has no chance to evolve in that conditions. We developed a training solution from the people that have the most spread out vision in the world at super fast speeds. The Jet Fighter Pilots. We adapt a vision training with modern technology to evolve the way players can train this demand condition.

Why do u need High Speed Vision Training?

The magic word is milliseconds respond. The average human reaction time is 215 milliseconds to visual stimulus. You can improve that value to be around 100 milliseconds but in order to do that, a specific high-speed training is needed it for your eyes and brain that will send the right signal to execute the fast reaction move with precision. We create a unique system that simultaneously trains the 4 need it factors on a soccer player. (Eyes, Brain, Feet and Body Synchronization)


FREE TRAINING on our YouTube Channel. Just search ONE2TRAIN on YouTube and select Agilit3on for Dynamic Ball Control program or Dribblt3on for technical skills and dribbling. The FREE training has 85 moves and 8 different levels according to players experience.

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FREE Training on ROKU channel. We have a specific private channel on ROKU. The information is delivered by email to ONE2TRAIN customers.

FREE Training on IGTV channel. During the next weeks, we will be posting special challenges and training on IGTV.
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Press Release. (Nov 10, 2018) / SoccerMAS, ONE2TRAIN™, K2.Plus and Affiliates

We are thrilled to announce that Kevinho will be our brand’s worldwide ambassador representing our soccer Training On Demand (TOD) solution as well as the new line of reaction training equipment that will revolutionize the way soccer evolves.

Kevinho was actively participating in this global project and we are excited to announce him as our First Player that completed all the phases of our program.

The human race is evolving and worldwide athletes are breaking new records every year. Soccer is evolving in a different way but it is clear for us that the new driver is reaction time in milliseconds for the required spread vision, explosive ball reaction times, kick accuracy and high-speed vision that eventually will become the path for a player to successfully “Read The Game” and as part of a team.

We consider ourselves a middleware training solution between the players and the coaches. An individual training provider for players that want to increase their new drivers that will revolutionize and evolve this new era of soccer.